Principal's Message

“From the Principal's Desk”

Dear Parents

Education today is in the state of flux. What was deemed as the best is now appearing to be obsolete in the multifarious domain of education. There is a considerable shift from rote learning to getting first hand experiences. School can no more depend on traditional methods of imparting education. Today, teachers however gifted with rare persuasiveness and cognizance may find rather difficult to denomination professional acclaim if they fail to understand in the modern scenario of that classroom activities can’t be confined to a few children only. There is a need to have a sincere recourse to micro teaching i.e. realizing the fact that each & every child is uniquely talented & can contribute towards creating a new world.

We at Sharpen Public School firmly believe that our school is the path, not the end point. And, on this path, it will be our endeavor to provide hands on support to your child and assist him/her to cross various hurdles in life. We will constantly provide your child with gift of education and experience that no one will be able to take away from him/her ever.

SPS is a place that helps the students in providing a holistic approach to education to foster in children the qualities of heart and mind that are so important for success in school and in later life. Parents play a key role in providing a supportive environment for our children to learn, and the community enrich learning through the opportunities they provide. It is the time for the educational community to acknowledge that social-emotional development and academic standards are not irreconcilable—both need to be addressed to achieve the desired academic outcomes. I am sure through collaborative effort we can achieve more to benefit our students who are the dynamic leaders of tomorrow.

Mrs. Rajul Kalra